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Team Nvious

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Check out some craziness that we deal with, some are funny, some are not.

7/9/2005  Aiight, so we just bought some 2 way radios to better our communication during road trips and general driving.  So the cops begin to frequent the strip and started asking everyone to leave, being nice (riiiight hahaha) So the team begins to file out, 1 by 1, and the Sentra SE-R and VR6 are in the rear.  A cop speeds up the parking lot to the front of our line up.   
The SE-R driver gets on the radio and instructs the team to either make a left...toward the cop or simply let the cop go, simple right??? NO. hahahaha. The Black Civic decides to make a right, so of course, he gets pulled a parking lot no less.  The cop begins to pull team members aside 1 by 1. The SE-R and VR6 are in the back. The Honda Civic and Acura RSX get the pull over, the SE-R and VR6 roll right out of the parking lot hahahahaahha. Smoov right??? ;) Moral of the story: KEEP YOUR 2 WAY RADIOS ON AT ALL TIMES!!!! yes, they had them off.....crazy.
8/6/2005  Ok, so the team finally got together, it's been like weeks. Me personally, I've been out of a job, but found one, so things should come back together.  So here's the story...a gory one so if your stomach is weak...don't read.  We're on the strip, this CRX - I think - is taking everything and everyone, not by a nose either...straight burning people.  There were like 5 races back to back. Then this dude on a bike decides to roll through and then ride a wheelie...that was cool...until he brought the bike down, LITERALLY. But the gory part is the fact that the cars that had just got done racing...were stopped in the road!!! YUP, you guessed it.....WHAM...body slams into the car, no helmet!!!  We all break the hell out and some concerned citizens stayed and helped this individual.  As we roll by, now it was dark, but you could see the blood shining there was so much....some people say he personally...all I'm going to say is - he wasn't moving a muscle.  A team member did catch it on amateur video. WHEW.

If the swarm scares you....use the shoulder, THANKS!!!