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Any name above the line - has earned their keep one way or that's the goal - be above the line.

Coming soon: Click on the type of car to view the specs, 1/4 mile time, 0-60 time, Misc pics, you get the picture.

  • ACURA RSX aka PLAYBOY - Stock, manual transmission. White
  • NISSAN SENTRA SE-R aka XEMPT - modified, automatic transmission. Vivarant Blue
  • HONDA CIVIC - modified, manual transmission. Black
  • VOLKSWAGON VR6 - modified, manual transmission. Red
  • *<sponsored>* ACURA INTEGRA GSR - modified, manual transmission. Red
  • FORD CONTOUR aka J. the White Girl (our NOPI chick in the making)

Wanted: New Members!

Your stats here.....

If the swarm scares you....use the shoulder, THANKS!!!